Thursday, 30 April 2015

Click-Raft Factory Visit at PrefabNZ Co-lab

A new 10m2 click-raft was fabricated and assembled for the new office at the Makers Factory over the weekend in time for the PrefabNZ Co-lab national conference - I've included a few photos below. Also great visit to Frazer Engineering factory (they make and export fire engines showing the huge potential for cross-over between automobile and construction fabrication). Brilliant conference with many diverse interesting speakers from Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and included an address from the Minister for Building and Housing Nick Smith as well as from Phil Twyford Labour spokesperson for Housing and Construction. PrefabNZ has now been in operation for 5 years and couldn't be more relevant to tackle current challenges - Bucky would be impressed - Prefab's time has come!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

click-raft 10m2 unit - assembly

Foundations and frame were put together over a couple of fun days during Chinese New Year. Cladding and door joinery followed. Had a ball putting it all together with a really great team - no crane or helicopter needed! :)

10m2 click-raft launch

Easter Launch for the 10m2 unit, wrapped with a warm coat for the wellington winter cold ahead. Super happy with the quality of the triple folding doors, and the the wonderful team at MoA for fabrication and assembly - many thanks - Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

PrefabNZ / HIVE click-raft Pavilion on site !

Together with Pamela and Angela - the trusty PrefabNZ team - we had a fun day assembling the click-raft prototype pavilion after its late arrival.... but all sorted for opening early morning on Day 1 at the A&P Show in Christchurch. I've included some assembly shots along with a team shot at the end. Also a shot of Gary Caulfield and his trusty steed at Puke Ariki where we disassembled it earlier in the year ready for its next adventure. A very big thankyou to all involved including the guys at Stanley who fabricated it (especially to Gary and Sean for making it happen), and the fantastic support of Pamela and Angela and a huge array of spontaneous helpers who just turned up curious to pitch in, including the wonderful A&P security lads - many thanks guys!

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