Thursday, 31 October 2013

PrefabNZ Click-Raft Pavilion for Christchurch

Wonderful News - PrefabNZ have chosen to use click-raft for the new PrefabNZ Pavilion as an exciting update to the HIVE (Home Innovation Village). It will arrive firstly at the Canterbury A&P Show 12-15 November 2013 before being transferred to HIVE - images below of assembly at Stanley Modular factory in Matamata.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kidsfirst Redcliffs Kindergarten gets Resource Consent

Exciting times, Resource Consent has been granted by Christchurch City Council. Next step is Building Consent - all stops out now to complete architectural, structural, services and environmental documentation of the project. This will be a wonderful mile stone in the evolution of click-raft.... and a special gift for the little people and their families of Redcliffs Christchurch.

DIY DEBATE: click-raft/WikiHouse/Art Box @ FESTA (christchurch temporary architecture festival)

DIY DEBATE: click-raft/WikiHouse/Art Box - Danny Squires, Andrew Just and Chris Moller debate the issues surrounding new generation DIY architecture Labour weekend 28 October in Christchurch - ALL WELCOME !

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