Thursday, 18 October 2012

click-raft is evolving...

click-raft is evolving.....  the click-leaf components can be understood as a kind of evolving cell, capable of learning new information, rather than simply as fixed prefab materials. We are working on developing generalised cell-types into a genetic code, partly to see at first glance what "family" they belong to, partly to unambiguously define them, and partly for future experiments with computational artificial evolution. We hope to show this new approach to fabrication architecture at the Puke Ariki Exhibition in New Plymouth NZ (opening December 1st) - both with a full size prototype and loads of puzzlekits for people of all ages to explore and test out. 

Studio Pavilion - delivery & site assembly

Things are getting very exciting for the next stage of click-raft production - here are photos of the Studio Pavilion on-route to site, and site assembled on the same morning. Just in time for winter - on the other side of our magic planet :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Studio Pavilion & Carport Roof

Currently we are busy preparing material for the 'Kiwi Prefab: cottage to cutting edge' exhibition in New Zealand where click-raft will be shown as a new approach to architecture and building construction. At the same time a Studio Pavilion is being fabricated and pre-assembled in the Netherlands. Jaap has been hard at work developing his second 'real' click-raft project (the first is a carport roof - photos below). Both of these can be produced as standard package kitsets or modified to specific site conditions and cladding requirements as required.

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