Monday, 23 June 2008

extended 6.0m raft

17.06.08 sun's out approx 20 degrees
a bright and sunny morning after a cloudless and star filled night - i choose to sleep out on my new six meter long click-raft base. Simply in bag on a camping mattress and had a perfect nights sleep.... waking only a couple of times to observe the earths turn against the stars...
... what a magic miracle we live in ...
.. and then to awake to the sun's warm rays and the leaves of my click-raft reaching upwards to the sky like unfurling fern fronds.. or leaves of flax or grass... my water bottle is cold and dew covered - its contents delicious, the birds are singing and i feel a great sense of freedom and calm here... ahhhhh
i sense directly that i will have to find another material that lexan for the click-raft ends it's too heavy, and just doesn't feel right...
all i need to do is make strong aluminium frames and cross brace with tension wires then i can choose a very light transparent membrane to stretch over these frames.

I have managed to get the first 20 click-leaves to each wall-raft up , only to discover that the levels weren't right .. what to do?
Finally realised that a small detail change to the panel design could help solve this. Instead of a simple hole at the bottom for the bolt fixing, this should be a slot joint which will then enable on site ajustment vertically... and of course this means alot of undoing, and drilling and then fixing them all again - such is the nature of prototyping !

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