Sunday, 31 May 2009

Prototype 02 A - pavilion

Prototype 02 A: explorations into next step developments on the click-raft are slowly starting to emerge. I have been exploring the design of a new prototype click-raft together with jaap dankerd.

The CLICK-LEAF Pavilion is an inexpensive, personal fabrication
architecture – inspired by nature of leaf design – a playful accessible open system has been invented (big lego for big kids).
Click-Leaf architecture utilizes the qualities of CNC cut plywood in click-leaf’s and click-beam’s to form a lattice of structure/networks assembled from standard panels which can be quickly ‘clicked’ to-gether to form floor, wall, and roof click-rafts in different configurations
Click-leaf’s are assembled into Y-frame pairs and clicked into 3 transverse click-beam’s which together integrate structure, cladding, power/data networks, plumbing, energy, water systems, storage and furniture within the weave of the plywood structure.
The system’s flexibility offers many alternative open ended con-figurations to enable user/builder to respond to site specific conditions. Construction is generated by an assemblage of click-components which can be tuned on site – engaging user input, imagination, and exploration.
An outer skin of PV powered louvers provides shelter, which is tuned via a dance of self-adjusting robotic sensors & servomotors. Robotics, data, power, switching and lighting can be plugged in where necessary, distributed throughout the click-beam structure.

minimal design, delight, ambient composition, and serious construction system.
Play: Rather than ‘design’ on paper or computer, you can explore/play directly with click-leaf components. Like lego, the click-leaf is a tool to explore a world of possibilities…
“traditional tools of plan and section to design a building are not
really relevant…who knows what you’re going to make…you explore, and along the way discover …”
Minimal Design: minimum material to create shelter, just as the citroen TPV (2CV prototype) was for automobiles. TPV research
explored a minimal architecture from 1st principles to achieve an umbrella on wheels. Each component reduced to its bare essentials.
Delight: “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars..” Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman
Ambient Composition: ‘ imagine a territory rich in possibili-ties and try to think of how you might get to it..and then suddenly one day you look around and realize that you have been there for quite awhile..’ AMBIENT 4 - ON LAND, Brain Eno
Construction System: ‘click-leaf’ construction system enables real time feedback loops at 1:1 scale, relevant to the real parametrics of real materials on a real site, in the rain. (ie its time for the computer to leave the design office, and head for the building site).
Click-Leaf: 2440x240x18mm plywood click-leaves are assembled into Y-frame pairs clicked into 3 transverse click-beams.
Click-Beam: 2440x300x24mm plywood beam with integrated eutrac data/power beam to provide a flexible network for lights, switches, sensors, micro-processors and servo motors to be freely located.
Click-Joint: (or search-joint) a negative joint to connect click-leaves and click-beams, also called a search-joint to provide multiple click-able opportunities – there are 21 click-joints per click-leaf.
Click-Raft: Assemblage of multiple click-leaf’s woven into Y-frame pairs on 3 click-beams. This can form a floor, wall or roof.
Click-Louvre: 2400x250x16mm polycarbonate louvre slotted into click-joint’s to form robot-operated roof or wall membranes.

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