Sunday, 7 March 2010

Click-Raft Proto02 recent developments

Proto02 is still under development and is starting to shape up well.
Based on the maximum height of 3m and plan area of 30m2 this live/work studio pavilion with 3 pods (kitchen pod/ shower wc pod/ store pod) is designed to side step full planning permission, similar to that of a garden shed, greenhouse, or garage and thus reduce costs and time radically.
Traditional cladding systems can be easily and inexpensively used instead of the louvre systems shown with plenty of scope for good insulation within the depth of the click-raft structure. A range of wall and roof material choices will also be available.
We have been exploring new metal connection details, in particular the louvre joint and design development of the click-leaves.
Jaap Dankert produced the images in 3d-studio with mental-ray on 64-bit. The publishing to web-3d is with google's o3d platform.

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