Saturday, 23 October 2010

FabLab Click-Raft Workshop

Dear Chris,

It was great fun being out in public with click-raft. I'm so in love with this system. I like acting as a kind of embassador to this open-source self-fab material and explaining the possibilities to people. It's not "my project", as most other designers were presenting, it's a community thing. Most were interested and impressed, as i'm sure you know. The 1:10 table-top construction game is very inviting, and people who sit down and try hard, are surprized at the strength you get when weaving correctly.

Christian Friedrich was there with the project he named clickFab. It's about workflow, streaming, collaboration, intuitive design, I think :)
There's some pictures here: I'm also attaching some pics with this mail. All in all, people were happy with us being there. Some leads to possible smaller jobs involving click-raft, and one order for a boxed set of about 100 click-leafs to play with.

The specific developments (evolutionary steps) we made during the day were interesting. I will have to detail the steps to you later, because it's kind of messy and i have a very clean numbering system / version control in mind.


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