Thursday, 8 December 2011


In the spirit of MOMA's 'Home Delivery' exhibition, Puke Ariki Museum in New Plymouth New Zealand are hosting 'Cottage to Cutting Edge" together with Wellington's Victoria University Architecture School and PrefabNZ -  to open in December 2012, which is great news as it will allow sufficient time to get click-raft sorted with suppliers and partners on board. Lots to do yet to get this project properly resourced, but we're very much looking forward to producing a beautifully crafted 1:1 click-raft along with a series of 1:10 scale kitset models for kids of all ages to explore, test out and play with - it would be really nice to entice people to invent their own, perhaps even launch a competition for alternative click-raft designs ... for details see

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Andrew said...

Chris --
Enjoyed reviewing this website. Much progress since I last looked.
As an aside, curious about the progress on your F22. Launched?

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