Monday, 2 April 2012

click-raft blog stats tops 1000 hits ... again

This month the launch of the click-raft puzzlekit has sparked very strong interest, this is pretty exciting news since click-raft has been in development since 2005 - so it's a long slow story, and the blog has only been in existance since mid 2009. Prior to this i used moleskin sketch-log books. But with the focused development during 2010/11 together with Jaap Dankert of the website and Types 02 (30m2 live/work unit), 03 (business unit) and then 04 (school unit) winning the sustainability award in the Future Schools Competition dramatically increased interest. But the puzzlekit has sparked just as much interest as winning the competition. So very soon I hope to have a simple and easy way to purchase puzzlekits for those interested, but for now just email me direct for your orders. Also coming is the Puke Ariki exhibition in New Plymouth, NZ at the end of this year which is going to be very exciting, and also larger scale structures, for innovation and technology companies. Large scale lego fabrication for big kids is just beginning to grow up ....  :) 

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