Monday, 2 July 2012


Last week was a very exciting development following the Future Proofing Schools competition in Australia with a very important round table workshop organised by Melbourne University involving key players from the education, construction, architecture and research sectors across Australia. I was also invited to speak as Vice Chairman for PrefabNZ to share our experiences in New Zealand including the challenges and opportunities in setting up a new cross-industry platform. Amazingly there was a very similar ambition at this workshop across the whole group, and so there will be an interim working group set up to get this moving. It is a very exciting moment for both Australian and New Zealand construction industries since this need has been there for quite some time, and many of the barriers or challenges can now be addressed with the formation of a specific platform to help catalyse and seed a new kind of approach to realising high quality, low cost, fast delivery products and services. Exciting too is that click-raft offers all of this right now for a new generation of inhabitants, clients, investors, developers and providers (including full off-grid capability for autonomous operation).

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