Friday, 3 July 2015

affordable housing - Tough nut to crack!

Affordable housing is such a tough nut to crack, so its really satisfying to be tackling it head on with a great team to build a new approach... and yes, its going to be prefabricated off-site!

We are currently working on an exciting new low-cost studio house project for a backyard site with no onsite access. The design combines two pavilions, 30m2 unit living/dining/kitchen with 10m2 bedroom unit. Cladding is a combination of multi-skin insulated polycarbonate panels, metal and plywood insulated panels and double glazed joinery orientated primarily north. It will be fully prefabricated at the Makers factory in Gracefield, Wellington and flat-pack delivered for rapid assembly on site.


Unknown said...

It amazes me how humble you can be. Here you are promoting other people's builds, while quietly in the background lies one of the best products I have seen. I saw your design as part of the display in New Plymouths' Pukeiti. a couple of years ago. I was impressed then, and even more so now that I see finished products. Well Done. John Smith Hemp Technologies .

chris moller said...

Thanks John, really appreciate your thoughtful comments.

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