Saturday, 16 July 2011

CLICK-RAFT video's

I have just uploaded a series of video's, which you can view by clicking on the youtube images to the right. Some of these were taken in 2010 at the FabLab in Groningen, the Netherlands while producing 1:10 scale cnc laser cut and fabricated pieces with Jaap Dankert. Another of the youtube video's 'click-raft city:globe:octopus' is a clip taken from the project "The City, The Globe, and..." Scenario's of real growth for future cities, part 1.  filmed and produced by Pavlov Medialab - special thanks to Nathalie and Thuur, Gerard, Carla and Alex, Janet, Ringer and Mo.
Together, these video's provide some insight into the thinking behind click-raft, show how they are fabricated, and how incredibly quick and easy click-raft is to assemble.

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