Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Mini Prototype

update from the Netherlands: 
1) prototyped low-tech production facility on-hold.
2) prototyped medium-tech production facility is a SUCCESS. manufactured and assembled a click-raft-cube within one day, with just one person...
- table-saw, set to 200mm
- measurement board for quick marking the holes
- fixed drill
- saw with custom sliding jig for cutting the click-joints
3) now trying some weatherproofing ideas and am about to test the unit in the field, 21st to 25th, by sleeping in it.
This approach continues to search for and refine minimal production processes. However it is good to reflect on the consequences of not fabricating all those 'potential' click-joints...
1. without click-joints there is less flexibility to change or adapt the structure later
2. without click-joints there is reduced opportunity to utilise the structure as integrated storage/shelving.
3. without click-joints there is less potential to (re)use it for other things or upgrade/improve over time
4. without click-joints there are no integrated fixing points for cladding systems, furniture options etc.

This prototype offers a new type that is even more minimal, while its trade-off reduction in click-joints reduces adaptability, it offers hugely valuable cost/time advantages.... so much so that one person can fabricate and assemble an entire click-raft in one day.

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