Sunday, 28 September 2008

louvre assembly

Finally a building that loves nature, sings in the late sunbeams of the morning, receives the rain with praying hands, grasses weave happily between and spiders weft their yarns across its Y-frames. I sit delerious between 14 pairs (x2) of praying hands watching the cathedral of light unfold in oscelation with the shadows. A robin red breast drops in to say hello, two black birds dance high in a berry tree beyond and a woodpecker provides the back beat. Finally this poem to the genius of our wonderful planet is arising - a prayer to celebrate our existance in this miracle called life, bending structures that reach and resonate, that hum with natures vibrations. Autumn is definitely on the way, and leaves have been gathering between the click-leaf hands.
Saturday was spent chilling in the sun after a very slow start and a heavy fog, so didn't have much time left this weekend to build. Sunday was another slow start, but finally got my act together to start on the louvres. Getting all the holes lining up properly and threading the first pvc tubes through. Testing the 1st trial louvres which you can see in the photos. Still around 20 louvres to complete, including fixing the aluminium/rubber seals and the stainless steel threaded rods to complete the west elevation. The east elevation will be fixed polycarbonate panels orientated vertically, and for now the roof will remain in simple panels.
The relationship between the plywood and polycarbonate continues to grow on me, there is something rather beautiful about this synergy of different materials.
A 6.0x2.5m dwelling will seem perfectly normal in future because this space like a like dr.who's tardis will be an integration of structure, services, storage, systems, information and furnature that is flip away or fold out. It will work more like a multi-tool. Like a leatherman or swiss army knife, a house in future will be required to be durable, excellently crafted and useable for 1001 tasks which right now are impossible to imagine.

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