Thursday, 25 September 2008

latest site photos with roof

with the structure almost complete, it is time to put part of the roof up for a work space to continue construction out of the rain. Next task is the louvres which I'm still refining, and may yet have to change the detail owing to huge differences in expansion rates between the aluminium/rubber strips and the polycarbonate. The challenge is to make slot joints for the stainless steel rods which connect through to the pvc tubes (these slot into the click-raft joints that you see on every part of the plywood structure). The detail also has to enable expansion and contraction over 2m's which works well, but I still haven't found a suitable rubber based adhesive which is flexible enough to cope.


Audrey Low said...

how exciting to see the idea taking shape! random thought on seeing the structure: combine the click raft with one-laptop-per-child and you've got a school room; apartment-in-a-box and you've got a fully furnished home that comes in 2 boxes; habitat for humanity and it provides a permanent home; or because you are able to ship the structure in a box - you've got emergency housing. But I'd use it as a yoga, ceramics and writing studio.

chris moller said...

thanks audrey, for your wonderful feedback, that would be magic to use it like that! Also how about a tea house at the end of the garden?

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