Tuesday, 23 September 2008

how much does a Click-Raft cost?

The aim of the Click-Raft is to produce a compact autonomous live/work unit for $10,000.
This price would include the timber structure, polycarbonate louvre cladding, furniture (shelving, table, beds etc), kitchen/ wc/shower with underfloor watertanks , solar powered 12v battery data+electric systems, to run autonomous electricity for lights, switches, and sensors (with micro processors + servo motors) to adjust the louvre systems.

Two variations

1.0 Flat-Pack CLICK-RAFT (goal $10,000 target price)
a flat-pack with all the elements of structure (plywood click-leaves) and cladding together with fixings, furniture etc as mentioned above. The building can then be assembled in a day and finishes selected as desired. (currently this option is not available, I'm still at prototype stage, but if there is enough interest then I will look options to develop it)

2.0 D.I.Y. CLICK-RAFT (design fee + materials costs + your own labour)
For a small design fee, you could download the digital drawing, give it to your local timber mill to CNC the plywood panels. Additional drawings for the louvre design, furniture, kitchen, etc would be provided so that these could be made by you or fabricated locally.


PhotoVentura said...

eat your heart out, Ikea!! this is a great idea!

chris moller said...

wicked kyle thanks !
yeah, and beyond the flat pack self-assembly potentials add the lego mindstorms to the mix, so this clickable dwelling could learn to dance, or breathe, or simply flap its wings (read leaves.... click-leaves)

chris moller said...

you might even be able to ask it to whip up a dish.... check out the mindstorms.com website

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