Sunday, 14 September 2008

Finally, a free day with really good weather !
After having sorted the glitches in the floor-raft to ensure levels were even, it was time to set up the wall-rafts, and get a section of roof on so that I would have cover in the wet - ideally I would have liked to achieve two sections (4.0m) but there are still some click-leaves without drill holes in the right places (and now I need a battery powered drill - there is no power at picardhof)
I had some competition for building materials as Luka and Titus decided they would build their own fort.
As you can see from the 1st photo, today was a special moment, not only did we have a picnic lunch, but i decided to cook and eat dinner on the click-raft....
aroma of bbq'd steak on my primus , rocket, marinaded olives + garlic cloves, tomatos.. hmmm
aroma of freshly stained and oiled timber,
a candle glows as the light fades, click-leaves reaching for the night sky dancing gently in the breeze in unison with the trees above.

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